The Big Addition: Walls and Railings

It's mid February, day 242, 3+ months since we started the last phase. Although the roof is complete, and glass is in place, there are still problems with water infiltration through the window wall. We have also had leaks in the bedroom, but not as severe. And leaks in the garage are significant. It took until the 4th storm to really do something about it. On 2/14, the storefront section with the 4x8 door was completely disassembled and rebuilt to make it waterproof. We'll see if that holds. As well, we are still not technically closed in. There is still a temporary exterior entry into the master bedroom. And human doors? We cancelled that order because it came in at twice the estimate. We bought them ourselves at Home Depot for one third the cost.

This phase should be all about a few major tasks: drywall, railing posts, preparing the bathroom for finishes, hanging doors, installing the vanity, and the great room wood ceiling. As you saw earlier, the railings are in production, and the posts were delivered, but there they sit, as most resources have been working on waterproofing and drywall prep. Drywall? We've been waiting for the place to be water tight and dry. As well, the first round of bids were way over plan, and 2 times the going rate. With one call, we provided a contact for a reasonably priced, high quality drywall contractor. Result? Right at the going rate. Ya know, it's just not that hard to find these people.

A big storm on 2/24 pushed a lot of water in all of the new construction. The garage was worst followed by the great room and the master. We are still not water tight... Three days later, we terminated our relationship with our GC. Now, we're it. There are leaks to fix, omitted structural elements to add, delaminated plywood to replace, as well as the tasks listed above. Let's go.


Random things

Starting mid-February, every day is a surprise, as we are so far off the written schedule, nothing can be tracked anymore. Miscellaneous pick-up projects were done to prepare for drywall and to otherwise close in the house. Plywood was added outside below the bedroom floor, on the laundry room west wall, on the support for the bedroom, and under the deck cantilever section. Various garage obstructions were framed so they can accept drywall. And some interesting plumbing was done... A hole was cut out for the tub, the pocket door frame is up, and we started tile prep ourselves by installing concrete board for the hearth, insulating the bathroom, and so on.
The  Superman  bedroom support gets... This bit of plumbing kookiness was... The chimney chase is finished with... The last steel beam is framed in so... A hole for the tub... A frame for the pocket door ... A peculiar view of our concrete board... Here, Beth has laid out the honed black...

Marching On

Starting March 3, we have some new players who will be coordinating various projects - let's call them Team E and Team L. We are also involved, doing pick-up projects like insulation, moving some dirt, some leak fixing, and cutting a hole here and there. We finally have a back door on the garage, the bedroom is closed in (YAY!), and for the first time since June, 2007, we can lock the house. We wanted to reuse the three double pane sliding windows from the old bedroom as they were pretty new. One was installed in the spare room (our temporary bedroom). We've only been waiting 6 months for this... Much quieter than the single pane it replaces.

The railings started to go in 3/13, with the post-base "curb" and then the posts themselves. That will be it for a while, until the siding is done. While posts were being installed, Andy went on a leak hunt with one of the carpenters. Four hours later, they had identified the source of nearly all of the leaks. Stainless steel flashing was installed around the curb. Meanwhile, we filled the trailer with junk headed for the dump, finished insulating the upstairs, and repaired some defective work around the great room south door from February.

Rock! We finally have drywall on the walls. Looks great. Over a few days, the bedroom, bathroom, great room, living room, laundry room, garage, and office were sheetrocked. Dust everywhere, but we are psyched to see the walls covered. Next step will be mud and skim-coat. Looking at some of those pictures, is it snow? No, that's Metacrylics, the best way to seal a flat roof. We had planned to do all Meta, but used hot-mop (tar) in January as it was too cold for Meta. A few days later, Andy applied the gel form of Meta to fix a bunch of leaks. The gel is like very thick paint. Applying it is a cross between finger painting and paper mache, as there's a cloth that gets pushed into the acrylic for strength. Anyway, eventually, these roofs will be tiled, but not for a while. First, there's scaffolding.

Drywall arrives! Not ready to install... A new back door for the garage.... And the new laundry room door. The cats... The new vanity is moved in to the... Now that drywall is inside (foreground),... Reused this double pane window from the... Andy's fine insulation work on the... Railings start to go in. First, a curb... The first posts get aligned and bolted... In between short downpours, more posts.... The south railing curb and posts in... Around the corner, the east posts are... The next day (Saturday), the sheet metal... Shot of the railings and flashing in... Leaky garage window gets de-installed -... Same treatment for the little west... Snow? Nope, Metacrylics.  This will seal... More Metacrylics. The nice part about... Blue man? Andy works on fixing defective... One corner and drain hole done. This is... More leak fixing - this area where the... Look at the garage! It has Drywall!... Is this cool, or what?... From the garage, enter the house into... To the right is the wine room. No,... To the left, stairway up to the great... And the great room. West wall in... Then nearly done.... East wall in progress...... And nearly done.... Entering the bedroom. The old doors have... Bedroom sheetrock. This is soundboard,... Back corner - wow, has this view... Bathroom in progress...... Tub corner done. Nice!... Skylight trim is also nice.... The little library. A last minute change... Living room in progress.... Office... with some leftover soundboard.... Laundry room......

Going Vertical

With the siding project beginning 3/31, we needed a scaffolding set up around the house. We hired a scaffolding company, and they arrived Saturday, 3/22. After it was set up, it did not take long for Andy to use it for touch-up painting and inspection of some suspicious caulking near the roofline. We have already used the scaffold for leak fixes. It came in handy when removing and re-installing windows, and it supported the installation of Z-bar flashing along the entire roof edge. It seems the house wrap just stopped at the top. Wind forced water up and behind the wrap, then down the face of the plywood and into the house. The Z-bar has put a stop to that. Meanwhile, drywall work contined with mud and texture, using some very cool tools. Upstairs, Team E got the vanity and shelves installed. We'll be removing and re-installing 7 or 8 more improperly installed windows as siding gets started. The great room ceilng will be slightly delayed while we finish up these leak repairs.

We started priming walls as the drywall team finished rooms. Milo from Marble and Stone Solutions, who did our kitchen, returned 4/1 to make templates for the bathroom. The same day, the siding guys (Team L) started setup work. Since we're transitioning into siding and tiling and granite... It's time for a new phase.

Scaffolding shows up. This is the real... They had the back corner set up quickly.... Around the corner. This is tricky stuff.... West side is just about done.... This is reminiscent of a city sidewalk... By early afternoon, the scaffold was... This tool, known as the bazooka, spreads... First round of taping.... The great room corner beam detail.... Up in the bathroom, the vanity is set in... Shelves, too!... Applying skip-trowel texture in the... What's interesting about a white wall?... The return of Milo. Making templates for... Here's one of the slabs. They've been... Template for the transition from the tub... This jumble will be the vanity top, the...