The Big Addition: Surfaces

It's April 4, day 291. March was a BIG month. We started the month with looming legal action, but ended the month settling the dispute with our ex-GC. We got leaks and a myriad of other issues fixed, railing posts installed, a Metacrylics membrane layered over the garage roof, drywall done, storefront glass issues addressed, 4 doors hung, vanity installed, a scaffolding raised, and granite templates made. Now that's progress!

In this next phase, we move to surfaces: siding, great room ceiling, granite, and some tile. We will be continuing with priming and painting, and the office and laundry room will be first to be complete.

The Swisspearl project is the biggest job in this phase. The first part of this project is to make window frames. This is to provide an edge detail for the SP. You'll see. The second part is to cut and install battens on which the SP is hung. Team L (Lentz Construction) will cut the battens, which we will then coat with Copper Green to help keep it bug free. Then, EPDM rubber is unrolled on top of the battens. Finally, the SP itself is hung. We can't wait!


Walls, Floors, and Ceilings!

Team L brought in a tent for their operation - this will keep dust from cutting the Swisspearl concrete board from wafting through the neighborhood. The Swisspearl, along with accompanying materials, was delivered to the house - about 3 tons of it. We sort-of over-ordered EPDM. Perhaps twice as much. Good news is that Western Specialty has another customer that needs it (this is not something you buy at Home Depot). We'll sell it to them. Lots of prep work - cutting battens, cutting window frame aluminum, welding the frames together... Then installing battens, and even a few panels!

Tiling is also getting underway. Concrete board was set on the steps up from the garage, and the bathroom walls were prepped for "float". Tiles were set for the hearth. The great room ceiling is taking shape, although as installation progressed, we ran into some problems, care of our ex-GC. (We'd rather not talk about it, but we think we have a solution.)

Granite was installed in the bathroom, and it looks great. The hearth is about done, and Harbor Tile has started work in the bathroom. The guardrail posts for the stairs are in and very solid. Swisspearl prep continued, with battens and EPDM going up all over the house. There are "wow's" (bows, flares, etc.) in various walls which Lentz's team handles by shimming the battens as needed, or in some cases, just following the surface. Inside, we continued painting. The office and laundry room have finish paint and the laundry hanging cabinet was re-installed. Door casing and floor moulding, too. The office is done, and laundry next week. The bedroom french doors returned from the door shop ready to be re-hung, and Andy picked up the new bathroom door and pocket door. Priming of the garage, bedroom, and storerooms will probably be complete the weekend of 4/19.

Swisspearl arrives! Atilla from Western... Working in the big top, in this case,... On the weekend of 4/5, we spent a lot of... Here you can see six of the frames... Battens start to go up.... Then the EPDM. This keeps the Swisspearl... The first panel goes up! On this level,... The first panel is complete.... A little 2001-esque? If you zoom in you... While siding was going on outside,... Upstairs, the walls get paper and wire,... The wood stove floor and wall get... About half done...... Nearly there...... Done! They really appreciated having... And the great room ceiling got started,... The first few rows get started. In the... Here they are, right up to the first... Over the next week, progress was made on... By 4/18, the ceiling is nearly done.... Jeff replaces a stubborn closet window... The "float" from paper, wire,... Downstairs, the hearth is grouted. If... The granite arrives and much of it is... Another view of the bathroom; a sink is... The interior stair guard-rail posts are... The shower wall tiles go up as the... Another view showing more of the shower... A peek at what's to come in the shower... Meanwhile, outside, Swisspearl prep... More battens on the garage face. ... And on the chimney. Now that we're a...

Batten down the hatches

Team E (Ethan Edgar Construction) has been busy. The great room ceiling is finished. All of the window sills are in and lots of door casing is installed. The french doors for the bedroom (currently the tile cutting room) have been re-hung. Tiling continues in the bathroom. All that remains is a few glass accents, the shower floor, and grout. We are almost ready for finish plumbing. Outside, we've had great weather; although we had about a week of very chilly days, only one rain day all month. Team L is virtually done with battens and EPDM. Panels should start going up the week of 5/5. Beth has been busy drawing all of the panel layouts. Although we have the plans, and some drawings from the supplier of the Swisspearl, neither matches reality, so now we have the layout. Andy wrote a program to optimize the usage of the Swisspearl sheets. Swisspearl started going up in earnest, and Brint Plumbing returned to do most of the fixture installation. Team E worked on doors and trim.

And then, there's painting and staining. Andy has been priming the walls under the house and in the garage, as well as painting gutters. Beth is staining the wood doors for the bathroom and the base of the garage stairs. We've been looking at carpet, and we've had 3 bids on the shower glass door/partition.

It did not take long to get doors up in the bathroom, and then the temporary walls came down! The bedroom and bath trim was completed (just about). Downstairs, the box beam trimmed finished off the transition between the living room and the great room. We have one more door to stain and install, and then the last of the temporary walls come down. Outside, more 'pearl goes up every day. Each piece is measured multiple times, and custom fit. It's painstaking work.

The great room ceiling has made it to... French doors are back in the bedroom.... The bathroom tiling is coming together,... The stairs, now reconstructed, are... Looking back from the tub.... The greening of the west side - battens... They have done the back of the... Beth stains the bathroom doors. Tough to... Garage walls finally primed, including... The corner seat in the bedroom is... The bathroom tiling is just about done... Looking back the other way at the steps... Don't ask. This is a box beam which... The glass door at the bottom of the... Another view of the basement door.... Steel fire door to the garage. Once... The skylights in the great room trimmed... Cutting Swisspearl with a very snazzy... The dark grey on the south face of the... On the west side of the garage, the... Utility sink (which was our laundry... We put a stainless steel free-standing... In the master bath, sinks and tub... Toto too? The entire bath is from the... The shower installed. A shower head and... Our new bathroom door. It's a simple... The pocket door for the toilet room is... On 5/13, Andy took down the temporary... The bedroom manufactured ridge beam is... Box beam in process of installation. The... Close up. We're showing you all the... And here it is basically installed. Some... Outside, the 'pearl continues with the... Some light color panels on the buttress... The front of the garage is really... Closeup of the garage detail between the...

Electric Pearl

Sounds like a great name for a band. Mid-may, and our electrical contractor Harlan Kastor has returned and outlets, switches, lights, and fans are popping up everywhere. Ethan's team finished up trim and some miscellaneous punch list items. This included removing some tiles in the shower to help Brint Plumbing fix an 'oops'. The shower diverter was hooked up backwards so the shower head was always on. They returned to fix it and the tilers will repair the hole.

Meanwhile, Team L is going great guns on the Swisspearl! Many walls are filling in and we expect the east and south walls of the great room to be done around the end of May (so we can remove that part of scaffolding and start tiling the decks and finish the railings). We've been painting and cleaning up. The bedroom, loft, and bathroom are painted. Painting has begun in the great room. Now if we could just pick carpet!

... Which we did Friday, June 13th! Let's see. In the last week... the steps from the garage to the great room are tiled and the tile border in the great room is complete. Lentz's team has the living room face, and the east and south faces of the great room complete. Electrical work is making progress, but local wildland fires and car problems kept Harlan away for more than a week. We made progress with painting and bathroom trim.

Triple bypass? The Toto diverter has 3... Pearl! The southwest corner is starting... More progress on the west wall.... The west wall is complete all the way... Close-up of the door frame detail. We... On the east face, we're almost to the... A little detail on the south side of the... The treehouse and the library window -... The office wall picks up a few light... They've even turned the corner on the... Painting the bathroom. Prep takes longer... Preparing to paint in the great room.... The east wall basically complete; one... Starting to work up the chimney chase...... Andy helped Harlan install the three... That's some BIG wire - this is the... The living room gets closer to normal -... On the other side of the wall, Lentz's... And in the great room, tiles are making... Viewed from the loft, tiling continues... More progress on the stairs. Tiles are... Grouting the stairs. At full size, the... The chimney is 'pearled to the top! This... The living room wall, including the 2... Hanging on for dear life, Lentz's team... South face progress. Two more pieces,... In between painting the great room, the... South and east faces. In a week or so,...

Day 366

It's June 18th, 2008. That's one year since we started. The good news is, we're making lots of progress. But a quick check of reality indicates that we're not going to be done until at least mid-August, fully six months behind schedule. Sigh.

We got the first glimpse of what the house will look like when we dropped the scaffold from the garage roof decks in preparation for tiling. The shower glass was installed and it looks great. We've got the the railings, and carpet scheduled over the next 4 weeks. Painting continues - other than trim, the bulk of interior painting is complete with the exception of the garage.

Harbor Tile has started on the garage roof decks. It took many days to "float" the decks, but after two days of tiling, all of the whole tiles are placed! The 'pearl continues to go up - check out the Superman post. A bit more scaffold came down the week of the 23rd. Harlan continued to have problems with his van, but made it up one day and completed work on the transfer switch and generator "inlet". Into July, more progress was made on the pearl and the garage roof decks. Carpet (the last surface?) installation began 7/2. We phased it so that the living room & great room could be delayed a few weeks to give us time to finish painting, remove scaffolding, and so on. Carpeting your house is a lot like moving. Beth spent days boxing up the library, the office, ... pretty much everything.

This section is pretty long now - about 3 months worth, so we'll start a new phase: Finishing.

The Superman post treated with dark... Once the scaffolding was removed from... Preparing for tiling - first, a steel... Then, it's floated. This took several... The frameless shower glass installed.... Painting the last interior wall (not... East roof deck ready for tile.... South deck after one day of tiling. Wow!... More progress on the south deck.... Enrique has turned the corner. By the... Swisspearl has made it to the laundry... Without scaffolding on the west side.... Whole tiles on the east deck.... Wider view of the decks @ sunset.... Old carpet is removed from the entry... Upstairs, the padding is placed in the... And then there was carpet!... Tiling the roof decks progressed. By... A close-up of the curb detail. This is ... A look around the east side. There's a...