The Big Addition: Roof and Glass

This phase begins on 11/12/2007, or day 147 if you like. Many things other than roofing and windows will be going on - there's still quite a bit of framing to do. But the main focus now is to get closed in. As mentioned near the end of Framing+, we had targetted Halloween to be closed in, so there is a big push on to get that done before the real storms hit. Roof and glass are a big part of any project like this. Both are worth a little extra explanation. Time for a sidebar.

We have chosen a standing seam metal roof. It's pre-painted galvanized steel and has high reflectivity. It's not made of oil. There will be no horizontal seams. There are dozens of manufacturers and zillions of variations, but Alameda Roofing got our Titan SLZ-1000 from Custom Bilt Metals. It should last 50 years, with little or no maintenance.

Glass is another story. Originally, we specified storefront windows - like an office building - everywhere, both as a visual element and also to handle high winds. Part of the reason why we are so late with windows is that we had a tough time getting closure on the design (and cost) of these windows. So, in early October, we revisited the plan. Of course, when you want to be closed in by 10/31 and it's only a few weeks away, going to an ultra high-end residential product (like Fleetwood), which usually has a 6-10 week lead time, would not be possible (although we tried). What was possible was to use a more readily available high-end aluminum window from Milgard which could show up in 2-3 weeks. We were already familiar with Milgard - we put in a huge Milgard window back in 2002. So, that's what we did. They're quite beefy, and they were available in clear anodized, which matches the storefront spec. So anything that is framed in wood gets Milgard, and anything which goes in the steel frame is storefront.

At the same time, we had also been agonizing over the great room doors. We had spec'd french doors for the west - two 4 foot by 8 foot tall doors - and a single, 5 foot (!) by 8 foot tall door for the south. Finding someone to make the 5' door was very difficult. We went through 5 manufacturers. Many would say, sure, we can make that, then when the actual bid came in, the doors magically shrunk. Unfortunately, it really was looking like a 5' door was impossible. Finally, in a discussion with the GC, the storefront glass provider mentioned another player in the commercial arena: Kawneer. After a close look at their specs, we decided to use their Terrace door. The french doors will be close to 8x8, and the south door will be 4x8, and we'll infill the last foot with tile or something similar. The glass company just needs to do some final measurements for the windows.

That was the state of affairs somewhere around 11/5. Now let's see how it plays out...


We Do Have Windows!

This week started with some framing around the great room overhang and the living room window spaces in preparation for a Wednesday plywood inspection. Electrical work continued, with exterior can lights outside the great room, and wiring for powered smoke detectors (required by code). The roofers continued prep-work, installing a scupper, painting all sorts of exposed flashing, and getting some missing parts ordered. As well, they covered the cricket with a thick PVC membrane (IB Roof Systems) to prevent it from ever leaking.

And then there were windows. All but two of the Milgard windows (for wood framing) showed up this week. One had to be sent back (wrong glass), and one is slightly too big (but we might use it, anyway). Thursday was window day, and 10 (!) windows were installed. One old window, removed for construction, and 9 new. Next week, we are expecting the other living room 9-footer and the enormous master bedroom window. Anyway, it was great to come home Thursday and see windows!

Plywood and straps just about complete... Building the wing walls to get ready for... Close-up of how the corner I-beams are... Moving over to the west side. Jimmy... WINDOWS!! Some of the windows which go... Morning after plywood inspection. From 8... Closer look at the wing walls and... Looking east (at the wrong time of day,... On the roof, the cricket is covered with... Our old window, removed back in June, is... But more importantly, it has friends!... And more friends on the east wall!... East wall from the inside. The upper... Looking west from inside.... Here you can see the outside can lights... One of the 9 foot living room windows;... End of another week: now that's the view... On the weekend, Andy gets a coat of... Both of us worked on Sunday to finish...

Thankful for a roof

Thanksgiving week. As expected, this phase has many different things going on at once. We started with an application of foam insulation in the great room. As a non-ventilated roof space, only expanding foam (which also provides a vapor barrier) will do. But the real focus of the week is the roof. Actual roof was installed. Factory painted in a dark steel grey, it looks sharp! It's meticulous work. There are many obstacles, like skylights, which require custom flashing, and deviations for the roofing itself. But there is roof up there! The roofers returned Friday and Saturday, and by the end of the week, the great room roof was done, and the main house south face was roofed to the chimney.

We Have Stairs! In addition, the stairs from the great room to the garage level are in. Holes were cut. Stringers, treads and risers were set in place, and a temporary railing was created. Jimmy did some body work on the steel frame to prepare it for painting. We did a variety of painting projects, and also installed the first of many lights - a new entry light (not part of the big addition, but it's been on the list for a long time).

Foam insulation requires a custom rig,... Spraying in expanding foam insulation. ... After a few hours, the ceiling is at... The roof begins. A stiff edge guard will... Long sections without any horizontal... The clips which hold each piece down,... All the water on this part of the roof... Jimmy does some finish body work on the... Stairs: mid-landing is framed.... Stringers, made from engineered lumber.... Light at the end of the tunnel?   ... Later, stairs! Try to imagine these... Our hi-vis pink temporary railings.... A new entry hallway light from... Great room roof nearly complete.... Great room is roofed; the south side of...

A Room with a View

The last two Milgard windows were installed on 11/27 - both monsters. The bedroom window is so big, it was made in two sections, and took many hands to install. The main view glass was attached on 3 sides. A 2x4 was added to support the remaining side, then the opening window was installed. The second living room window was also installed, completing that wall. Andy finished the first coat of gray for the steel frame. The scars from moving the I-beams have disappeared.

This week, the house was mostly wrapped with Vaproshield, a breathable moisture barrier. Our design is constructed using the "rainscreen" technique (more on that later) and Vaproshield is the leading house wrap for that method. Prior to wrapping the garage face, the doors were framed and plywood added. By the end of the week, the roof was about 60% complete, leaving only the north side of the ridge for next week. As rain was expected, temporary downspouts were added.

In the first week of December, the roof progressed. The A/C chase was framed in, and the bathroom window holes and toilet room framing got started. As well, drainage trenches were dug. The garage door company came out to measure so our doors can be ordered. The weather was not great - one moderate storm with high winds. It would be great to have windows and doors complete, but that won't occur for a few weeks.

No rain the week of 12/10, though it was really cold. The roof is basically complete except for ridge and edge work. Framing of the tub and shower started. The drains for the gutters are all tied into the drainage system. The curb which forms the base for the storefront windows was installed as the storefronts should show up soon. Andy got a second coat of paint on the steel frame and we both got the second Hubbfo chandelier installed.

All hands on deck! Lifting the fixed... Finishing touches before it's nailed in.... The result. That's a big window.... The view from the inside.... Measuring the living room opening before... Living room windows. Above, the roofers... Living room from the inside.... First finish coat of grey paint on the... Compare this to what it looked like... West side wrapped in Vaprosheild.... Front side, same treatment. This is the... The roof is completed on the south side... Garage face complete and ready to be... Another view of the front of the roof.... By 12/4, good progress on the back side... Valente works at framing in the A/C... ... A/C chase boxed in, and covered with... Inside the bathroom, the window box is... This will be le toilet. The large... Pepe trenching for drainage.... Early morning roofing around obstacles... Cool shot near sunset.... Nearly done... Later, even the vent pipes are through.... The tub surround gets framed.... The tub not quite done (there's a jog... Second coat on the moment frame.... The curb which forms the base for the... We both worked on installing the second...


Happy New Year. We're still at it. Way behind schedule. We might be done in June. Anyway... We were away on vacation through Christmas and New Year's. We came back on 1/5 amidst a multi-day power outage - very bad storm on 1/4. While we were out, rough electric and gas plumbing were completed, and most of the rough framing was finished. And the storefront glass was finally installed. Looks good; but three of the seven panels need to be replaced due to defects (that'll take another month). There's still quite a bit of caulking to do, and the great-room doors and garage doors need to be installed. Some leaks showed up in the bedroom window. One of the bathroom rain-glass windows is in, but the other was mis-sized, so it is re-ordered.

Gutters were cut into the roof decks in preparation for "hot mop", which is a tar waterproofing layer. The shower was also mopped. The chimney chase is now filled with pipes. The deck railings are in production, and should be ready by the end of the month.

It's a miracle! The 8x8 door showed up 1/30, and the 4x8 on 2/1. You can see them installed here. A few adjustments to make, but they look pretty sharp. Only 3 months late. And, around 2/4, the Clopay Avante garage doors showed up and they look great.

Since the roof is done, and glass is mostly in place, it might be a good time to close out this phase. We'll cover surfaces and railings in the next phase.

The storefront windows were installed... View from the outside. The soffit is... These trays are inset gutters.... Our electrical contractor's fine work on... Site view on 1/16, a day or two before... Pipes. One for the wood stove, one for a... Yes, that flashing looks a little odd.... This is the first phase of hot-mop. Once... The shower is mopped. It's also boxed in... These stairs back up to the closet were... An art view on 1/19.... A forest of posts - Andy visited the... Storm damage. The window wall leaks like... Doors! It's a miracle. Planned for... View from the outside.... Another miracle! The 4x8 door arrived... Finally, both privacy windows are in the... Early morning view of the Clopay Avante... End of the day, 2/5. Both doors in. The... View from inside the garage. Love those... Once the garage doors were in, we could...