Goal: $11000
      Raised: $13039 !!!!
About Me What's new?
I've been riding the PMC since 1991, with the exception of 1998 when an injury kept me off the bike for 9 months (see the Story Time tab). That year, I volunteered, and still raised money. To date, I've raised over $150K for the PMC.

By profession, I'm a software engineer. As well, I've been a volunteer firefighter since 2000, running all sorts of incidents from EMS to vehicle accidents to fires.

         Fundraising for 2018 is a new personal best, over $13000!! Thanks to my great sponsors! The "ride" was December 23rd, and the short story, entitled We Did It At Last! can be found by following that link. I'm looking forward to coming back strong in 2019!
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