The Big Addition: Framing

(and other varietals...)



Week 9 starts with the transition from concrete into framing. There were deliveries of more Hardy frames and lumber. Work continued on the roof - the back side is now covered with felt - and doubling of the insulation on the front is in process. The main supports for the bedroom tree house are mostly in place. A 6x6 (reused from the old garage) is added under the house connecting the subfloor to the foundation. Last week, hardy frame number 1 was inserted in the laundry room. This week, three more were installed on the Superman footing. There are two more to go to complete the treehouse structure. Support posts flank the hardy frames, and paralam beams follow the tie-back footings below. Paralams are pretty interesting to look at up close. They may look strange, but they are very strong.
The back side of the roof is covered in... Re-use: Tying the main carrying beam... New construction! Two of the Hardy... The Hardy frames viewed from the laundry... Wednesday 8/15, a paralam and another... A paralam up close. Strange looking... New insulation goes up on the south side... The north post and beam in place,... The big picture, looking southwest.... Beth samples the sunset view through the...


The 55/35 degree angles of the treehouse presented some problems - all solvable. The floor is taking shape - truss joists form the base. The 6x6 which will hold the ridge beam was installed, but a small hiccup with the ridge beam will delay its installation until the week of 8/27. We had a productive meeting with architect Dan Gomez, the GC, and a rep from
Western Specialty Fabrications who will be providing our Swisspearl siding. Many issues were addressed, and as a result, we have finalized the Swisspearl order, and the GC should have window bids in short order. We had structural engineer Josh on the line as well to help solve some issues with the ridge beam and the skylights. So, lots of issues closed, which should make next week quite busy.

On 8/28, a huge lumber load was delivered. The first garage wall went up. Work continued on the treehouse. You can see it take shape as the new roof rafters go in. A truly Herculean effort was put in by the crew to raise the ridge beam. More Hardy frames are in. In two places, the roof is tied directly to the foundation: at the laundry room wall, and at the point of the treehouse. By 9/4, half of the bedroom roof is done.

Over labor day weekend, we did a little work on the woodshed. Andy had already removed the rotted out floor and the dirt which caused it. He reframed the floor and decked it with some discards from the back deck. Beth applied a base coat of paint. It will be a bonny wood shed!

Steel is still delayed. Even by 9/4, we are still perhaps a week out. This may work in our favor as the crane may be better utilized.

Looking out from the laundry room, 8/20.... More engineered lumber: truss joists.... Antonio, Dale, and architect Dan Gomez.... Manny and Pepe work on finishing the... The TJ's are all in, and decked with... The new view (for now) from the laundry... The remaining old roof decking was... Big Creek with a big delivery. The TJ's... A wall grows from the slab!... One of four new 6x14 roof rafters is... The reverse view, to set up for the next... An  absolutely Herculean effort  was... Southwest view.... In addition, the upstairs Hardy frame... You can sort-of see the Hardy frames... The ceiling continues to fill in.... This looks a little wierd, but trust us,... Meanwhile, our own weekend project... Beth finishes off a gallon of paint. The... The new floor. It is solid as a rock.... The south half of the bedroom roof is... See, it's starting to make sense now. ... The typical view. The huge hole is...

First Triangles, Now Hexagons

We've got 3 new opening Velux skylights upstairs! Re-insulating the existing roof continues, as well as insulating the new bedroom roof. The focus this week was getting the bedroom framed in. You can really start to appreciate the difficulty involved with a triangular room by staying home and watching the process for a day. Big wood is involved. Not a single cut is straight anywhere in this room. In order to neatly capture the 6x14 roof rafters which land on an odd angle, Dale and our new crew member Jimmy worked out how to shave two corners off each of the beams so to make a hexagonal post which could be boxed in by 2x8's . Very clever. The pictures at right show this process.

Hoisting the rafters was a challenge - they are quite heavy. Once the rafters are up and temporarily supported, the posts are set and flanked by 2x8's. With the structure in place, the framing of the north wall went quickly. A few of the verticals are just temporary as the tub is expected any day and we'll want to get it stashed up there while the walls are open. The roof prep is basically caught up.

Late in the week (9/7) we had air conditioning and plumbing contractors show up to prepare bids; we should have those two subs locked in soon. Earlier in the week, we signed up the roofer. Next week, the bedroom ceiling and framing should be complete, and yes, steel may actually be coming.

Skylights in the bathroom. It roasts... The other upstairs skylight in the now... North skylights from outside. Roof prep... A rafter waits to be trimmed and lifted.... Dale and Jimmy create a test of the... The mockup of how the rafter, top plate,... Once that was verified, Antonio joined... Measure many times to make sure this is... Test post lines up at the floor...... And at the rafter.... One post boxed in.... The whole team raises the last of the... Rafters in place ...... Return of the beam saw: cutting the real... A closeup of the post/rafter transition.... Preparation for the roof continues.... Once the rafters are in, the framing... The north wall framed. This needs some... The entire treehouse.... The site view after a number of weeks we...

Zipping Up and Steel Prep

Ten days into September, lots of progress closing in the treehouse. The ceiling is installed. The bedroom window sill is framed, and plywood shows up to really start closing in the walls. Some of the interior walls are started. The sole bathroom window is framed. Plans are firming up to run plumbing and ventilation up to the second floor.

Some prep work for the steel installation included cutting back the roof rafters in the great room transition area, and installing two 6x6 posts to hold the main steel beam which will span the transition. Rather than rush the transition beam, it was decided to wait a week to raise it. The crane raising the steel moment frame (see next section) will be back next week to hoist the roof rafters in the great room, so that is the right time to raise the transition beam.

In the bedroom, the temporary rafter supports were removed. It's really starting to look like living space. The window bids should be in next week so we can really close this in. We've got about 6 weeks before the main rain "window" opens. It's gonna be close.

Plywood on the north wall.... The window sill is framed... The north ceiling is set in...... ... then the ceiling transition from the... View of the ceiling through the... The north roof from outside - the 2x4... more plywood roughed in.... The 3 rafters in the great room... The divider between the bedroom and bath... The bedroom/bath corner divider... The bedroom from the entry. Notice that... Same divider from the bedroom. More... An early AM shot to the south west.... Plywood on the southwest wall just needs...