March 10 - 11:  Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is famous for its beautiful treks (multi-day hikes) and its dormant volcanoes.  Skiing the volcanoes is popular in winter.

We opted for a short hike and a driving tour around the park, since the weather was not in our favor....

kiwi xing

Kiwi Crossing!


One of several waterfalls we saw on our hike

Mt Ruapehu

Mt. Ruapehu (honest, it's up there in those clouds)

Mt N

Mt. N (we never could get the hang of this Maori name)

Cable Car

Wellington Cable Car

March 11:  Wellington

After Tongariro, we headed south to Wellington, on the tip of the North Island.  Wellington is a really lovely city.  We stayed at a B&B near the cable car, and used that to get back and forth to downtown.  Wellington is a very walkable city with a pretty waterfront; we enjoyed wandering around there.  Also enjoyed the Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Te Papa museum.  And of course we found good food!


The Library & Civic Center


Gollum atop the Embassy Theatre...home of every Lord of the Rings movie premiere

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