March 23 - 25:  Dunedin

On March 23, we returned to Bluff via the ferry from Stewart Island, and rejoined the Southern Scenic Route.  Unfortunately, most of this portion of the route is unsealed, and since there hadn't been any rain in quite a while, mostly we just saw dust clouds.  However we did enjoy seeing the Nugget Point lighthouse.

Nugget Point

Nugget Point


The lighthouse

In the wee, wee hours of the morning of March 24, we went on a guided penguin-spotting tour.  Penguins sleep on land overnight, and head out to sea at dawn, where they remain until night falls again.  We went to see yellow-eyed penguins, which are the rarest type found in New Zealand.  So as not  to disturb the birds, our goal was to get into the blind before the sun came up.  We tromped through pastures, slid down sand dunes, and walked across the beach to reach the blind.  Good thing it was dark, if we had been able to see how steep our return hike would be, perhaps we might not have gone!  We earned our breakfast that day.

 Yellow-eyed Penguin

Yellow-eyed Penguin


Looking back on the route to the blind

After a good solid British breakfast, we drove north to see the Moeraki Boulders, which are like human-sized geodes.  Truly bizarre.





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