Kitchen Remodel 2005: Weeks 4 - 5 : Return of the Appliances

On July 1st, the laundry room utility cabinet was finally installed, and the existing kitchen cabinets refinished. How do you keep two cats out of the kitchen? Sheets and cookbooks. We spent a bit of the 4th of July weekend prepping for the following week. There was electrical work to do. With the utility cabinet in place, Andy finally finished installing and testing the low voltage center. We both painted the laundry room prior to the return of the appliances. Cats: KEEP OUT! Utility cabinet is finally placed in the laundry room Low voltage center mounted; power and LV wires pulled into it. The masterpiece - finally done. A quick test before making it official... A completed sub-project. Beth poses while painting the laundry room.
On the 5th, things moved into high gear. The laundry machines returned to their places, as well as the dishwasher. In came the new fridge, and the cooktop + downdraft, subject of much concern the week before, were installed and working. At the end of the day, it was clear there was a small problem with the power supply to the new undercabinet fluorescent fixture. Oops. Part of Andy's rewiring is shown here, as well as the fixture which he installed. The oven made it in this week, along with custom fabricated stainless moulding. Welcome - the new fridge (which started it all). We had a choice of exactly two which would fit (height constraint). The Wolf cooktop and Thermador hurricane-force downdraft in place. The downdraft rises... Up... UP... A little more... Just a bit... Tada! You probably can't see this, but the buttons backglow is purple.  Also, it's tough to see how close the downdraft is to the granite. Maybe 1/8 inch. Problems appear with wiring the switch for the fluorescent undercabinet fixture (which is on the other side of this switchbox). The first person to email me the exact number of wires in this box (plus what they all do) wins a $1 prize! This is the Alkco Slique T2 - the slimmest (3/4 inch) and best looking undercabinet fluorescent light there is. Once the switch was fixed, here it is after a professional installation by Andy. He just had to do it, having done all of the wiring. The oven installed; Thermador C302.  The opening of the old oven was a little too big, so we came up with a good way to bridge the gap. It's winged by two stainless steel corner mouldings which PJ had fabricated.
On 8th, PJ finished up the remaining items. Big-block moulding above cabinets, a bigger breaker for the oven, and a few other things. Here, PJ, his assistant, and Andy had trimmed out the hanging cabinets (don't ask). The low-voltage puck lights were installed. We sent PJ on his way. Though we're not done yet. We still have to paint the kitchen and entry, get a few cabinet issues resolved, do a little touch-up staining, and install the Tech track lights in the kitchen and dining room. Stay tuned. Gluing and clamping the under-cabinet trim. The puck lights, and a view of the nicely finished underside of the hanging cabinets (well, it'll look better without the clamps). Some mood lighting...

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