Kitchen Remodel 2005: Weeks 1 and 2

Our fridge started to die, so we decided to remodel the whole kitchen. Why not? It's a partial remodel. Our cabinets were in fine shape, and the dishwasher is only a few years old. But the fridge, oven, stovetop, tile, and counters were all targeted for termination.


Stage 1 is getting all of the materials on site, and demolition. Cabinets and appliances arrived. We took a few reference 'before' pictures. Old appliances were removed. We covered as much of the living room as possible with sheets, then the counters and tile were LOUDLY removed. Cabinets arrive, sort-of. Andy had to meet the <b>semi</b> up at the community center and finish delivery to the driveway.  With some help from our neighbors, we got the cabinets to the house, then into the house. So much for in-home delivery... More cabinets. Kitchen: before Entry: before Tape lines mark the scene of the crime How did all this stuff fit in the kitchen cabinets??? No Oven! No Cooktop! We begin our life in plastic sheeting. No counter on the cooktop island (peninsula, really). No counter on the sink island, either No kitchen or laundry room floors! More plastic No entry floor! Lovely Living Room Decor
By the 5th day, finally, some CONstruction, not DEstruction. Over the next few days, the new dining room cabinets were roughed-in, new plywood bases for the granite counters were installed, and a little sheetrock, too.

We setup up a miniscule kitchen in the bathroom. The new subfloor went in somewhere in here. The days all started to blur together. We think we're still in the second week...

The new cabinets are placed New plywood on the counters, and new sheetrock on the backsplash! Andy finishes the behind-the-wall electrical work A ball of line- and low-voltage wires, ready to be brought into a large work box in a to-be-installed cabinet. The metal box is a 2-inch square end power feed for the kitchen low voltage monorail, an exciting installation yet to be done... The kitties approve the floor tile arrangement Stovetop and sink roughed in. We won't be seeing the stovetop again for quite some time... The Latest in Kitchen Design No laundry machines (almost worse than no kitchen...) New pony wall! Cement board in the entry... ...and in the kitchen and laundry room

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