Mont Ventoux, October, 2006

While in France for vacation, I took one morning to climb Mont Ventoux. 14 miles, 5280 feet. I rented a Look 565 - very nice bike. In fact, I had just done a test ride on a 565 a few weeks before. The bike was a little big for me (I should have reserved one in the right size) so out of the saddle was more comfy than spinning. So although I had a triple, I did not consult the small chainring for this climb. Nor did I try to slay it. Just a nice ride on a beautiful day - 70's in Bedoin, perhaps 58 at the top. A hair over 2 hours up, around 20 minutes down. A photographer took some good shots of me on the climb, and a few are included here. In one, you'll see a runner in red. It took me quite some time to pass him. We caught up at the top; he's from Switzerland. He took the picture of me at the summit.

One of the nice things about the climb is that at each km marker, it tells you what your current elevation is, and the average grade for the next km.

In front of Bedoin Location, the rental... That signpost up ahead - Mt. Ventoux,... On the road... It's open! It was a very nice day.... First sign of the top, still 16k.... Only 900m to climb. Yikes! That's 3000... With about 6k to go, the wind is... The view from 6k... About 4k to go. Closer to the monument. ... This section is about 8%. I think I'm... Workin it...... At the monument, 1909m (6100')... View from the top... Another view from the top...